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Is it so that you have a gas appliance at your residence or workspace which is not functioning well? That’s okay you don’t need to panic we are here to put an end to all your gas fitting issues and other related problems. That’s what we have been doing for more than 3 decades and are pretty good at it. Being the most preferred gas fitting service provider in all of Canada. Experience with such a big tenure makes us the best Plumbing service in Canada. So it does not matter in the slightest where you are. You just need to call Jai plumbing. Our government-certified technicians will be there in no time.

What we have to offer?

Jai Plumbing and Gas-fitting are skilledcraftsmen in not only plumbing but in all kinds of a similar line of business. Rather it is a leaking shower, dripping tap and switching the old toilet or even on a complete bathroom renovation. We at Jai plumbings have the most talented technicians to take care of all the similar problems and provide a one-time solution to all such issues. So we Jai Plumbing is considered as best plumbing service in Canada.

Jai plumbing has on-board one of the most certified professionals that can take care of the gas cooking, gas heating & Hot water needs, which also includes the numerous solutions to the gas mechanism. We don’t care if the gas appliance has been installed by us or not. We reach out to our customers facing the gas fitting issue in any location of Vancouver, Canada or even in some prime locations like Mainland.

What else?

Apart from that we were chosen or preferred more widely is because of many reasons. We reached to the customers in the least time possible is one of our USPs that helps us to stand out from the numerous service provider providing similar services. The next is quality of the services provided are top of the line, hence ensuring that the customer is satisfied. However we don’t charge our customers a high service charge, but a minimal cost. Hence premium services provided at a not so premium price.

Why choose us?

We have a dedicated team onboard to ensure that no customer is facing any gas fitting issue. As we have an incredibly quick response team of 10 skilled technicians. We get back to our customers as soon as possible as we work 24/7 as keeping the customers worry-free is our only motive. Working round the clock means we are there when you need us. So irrespective of what time it feels free to get in touch with Jai Plumbing, best Plumbing service provider in Canada. So whenever such an issue or problem occur which you feel like is difficult to handle, don’t hesitate to call the experts.


We not only repair, replace all sort of gas appliances but on the other hand, we also install new gas appliances for our customers. So let it be a residential place or a commercial workspace we believe in providing the best deals for our new customers for new installations. And just in case if the gas appliance is installed already is facing some issues you can get in touch with our certified technicians and we will get things straight at once. Hence making us the best Plumbing service in Canada.

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