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It is observed that we frequently come down the line the air that we are breathing in. When you are distressing from a respiratory disorder or the ill effects of unclean air. Then really take into consideration and evaluate healthy, clean air. At Jai Plumbing, we see your robust health sincerely hence we assure that the air ducts and airing offered are the purest air possible for business or home. Don’t hesitate to call Jai Plumbing, Drainage and Heating for the commercial or residential ventilation and air duct solutions.

Few of our protection and examining gas and heating solutions are as follows:-

  1. Boiler and Furnace examination, fixing and switching.
  2. Authentication of Gas apparatus.
  3. Analyzing of namely any heating problems.
  4. Camera inspection on heat switchers for precise inspection.
  5. Examination of protection against the monoxide standards
  6. Loopholes in bright piping-replacing, fixing and solutions

Professionals state that the air quality indoor of poor standards as a hazardous safety and health problem.

The air ducts these days easily are all jammed up with pet hair, human hair, dirt, dust, debris which is found in any human residence. Possessing a blocked air duct or incompetently clogged not only comprehends the achievement of the cooling and heating systems in the house as it reconciles the safety and health. Blocked air filters can cause a fire as well.

Inferior air standards do the following

  1. Adversely influences those individuals with weakened immune systems and allergies, similar to seniors and children and individuals are subjected to weakness and diseases coupled with poor health.
  2. Results in headaches, lung irritations & throat irritations.
  3. Furthers the prolonged colds, respiratory issues and asthma.
  4. Comprehends to irritated and dry skin.
  5. The air duct and ventilation solutions we furnish our customers with
  6. Venting and ducting installations of all types
  7. Cleansing of Furnace and Air duct with the trucks that is comprised of heavy mounted vacuums.
  8. Fully clean and functional air filters.
  9. Examining any sort of heating issues

If it is so that you just recently renovated your house or there was recent construction work in your house or presence of smokers and your favourite pet animals. Or let it be the infestation of any bugs and vermin. It can either be you living in a heavily populated area with levels of high pollution, then there is indeed a requirement of getting the air ducts cleansed quickly.


Jai Plumbing in Vancouver, Canada caters to drainage, heating and plumbing has an efficient team of experts which is at your disposal round the clock 365 days for any kind of problems.

Any plumbing, Drainage or Heating issue we can do that for you as we are authority’s certified craftsman and skilled Gas technicians have been supplying its people nearly for more than 2 decades. Along with that, a dedicated team full of experts and professionals efficient in plumbing, heating and drainage issues are always available.