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Is it so that you in your house have an electric water heater or a gas water heater? If you ever come across any electric water heater issue or the gas water heater problem make sure to call the Jai Plumbing. It is simply the best Plumbing services in Canada. You must be thinking why is it the Best Plumbing services? What makes it so different from the other service providers which cater to the very same industry? Let’s find out

We at Jai Plumbing have a very peculiar set of skilled and trained professionals as

  1. These skilled craftsmen have the expertise of working and at any kind of water heater.
  2. The Sr.Technicians in Jai Plumbing have mastered themselves in the manufacturing of water tanks.
  3. Expert in fixing water heaters whether electric or gas powered.
  4. Switching the old and malfunctioning heaters.

Hence no matter what your requirements may be, Jai Plumbing is a name that can be trusted as the expert technicians ensure that the showers start working right away.

Confused between deciding on whether electric powered hot water heater or a gas water heater?

Here are some pointers to be taken into consideration before making a decision

  1. As compared to gas water heaters, the electric water heaters are cheaper to set up
  2. The time required to get the water hot enough is more as compared to the electric water heater, it heats    more quickly
  3. Going with an electric gas is a viable option just if natural gas does not flow in your home via pipes
  4. While on the contrary gas water heater’s performance is not impacted when there is a power outage, it works perfectly

Still, if there is some confusion or questions which are making you feel more bewildered, call Jai Plumbing and our expert executives will help and ensure that you land on a suitable decision

A water heater, what would be the ideal size?

The expert team at Jai Plumbing is well versed with what will be the best or ideal size of the water heater as they have catered to hundreds and hundreds of customers. Correction, Happy customers. Jai Plumbing is seen as the Best Plumbing Service in Canada. As they most often probe the customers with the least number of questions such as

  1. Number of bedrooms
  2. Number of bathrooms

Depending upon they make a precise outline and blueprint of what is the most ideal size of water heater suitable for their customer. It is more of like custom sized or custom designed water heater. Designed just for you.

What else?

Apart from that, we do provide services for the tankless water heater, getting them deployed, overhauled, fixing and switching due to any reason in just no time. As space is something which is hard to get these days especially when talking about Vancouver, Canada we are aware that it may be something impossible to think of when it comes to a regular size water heater. But for them, we have something which we better know as tankless water heaters. For those who are cautious about space and energy both then a tankless water heater is something which may put an end to both worries of energy and space.

Wrapping Up

Apart from that Jai Plumbing is having a team experts so to overcome emergency situations at any point of given time. On top of that 10 dedicated vehicles to cater to the customer in case of emergency situations. And best in class service. This makes them the Best Plumbing service in Canada