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Showers and Bathtubs

Home Showers and Bathtubs


It is quite normal that someone may fantasize of a captivating and appealing lavatory with dazzling and gleaming deluges, lavish and highly exhaustive and meticulous finalizing and a washtub? A bathroom which may tempt a person to hop in as soon as possible and stay there for several hours. Get ready to witness the best Plumbing services in Canada

Well Of course time is something we at Jai Plumping cannot arrange for anyone but what we are capable of providing you is the lavish deluge and washtubs which one ever has been dreaming of. Don’t forget to Call Jai Plumbing right away

Jai Plumbing is into all sorts of services such as

  1. shower
  2. faucet
  3. shower diverter replacements and fixing
  4. bathtub

Our Team

The skilled craftsman we have on our team are accredited gaugers are cordial, quick, and capable who will be able to do the right job to get the most out of it. Have a memorable time right at the comfort of your home. Additionally, we at Jai Plumbings take care of the trade and commercial deployments along with the fixtures of relevant bathroom fittings. Hence everything that you need is right here whether it is for a condo, strata or business Jai plumbing can take care of anything and almost everything you’ll ever need.

What can be avoided?

No more need of spending more and making your wallets feathery so just grab the phone and call Jai Plumbing as we stand as the Best Plumbing Services in Canada. And this is for a reason. We have made providing quality services with a habit. This is the reason why we are seen as a much more preferred service provider in all of Canada. Make sure to not forget calling us as we can put an end to all bathroom fixtures and permanent solutions

What makes us so different?

There are numerous reasons for us being unique as compared to other bathtub and shower plumbing service provider in Canada. The major one of them being is the  Response Team which we have is trained while keeping the emergency in the head along with a dozen vehicles which caters to the Vancouver and Mainland parts of Canada. No matter what the problem may be we just can take care if the issue at the point of given time. We do work round the clock. That means we work 24*7. So whether it is an issue at daytime or can say a problem which is troubling you at the night we are here and more than happy to help you out. We never miss out on caring for our customers irrespective of the time. This is what helps us the most for standing out in a crowd of competitors providing alike services.


Jai Plumbing services in Canada, Vancouver is the one stop solution to all your bathtub and shower issues. Senior technicians available at all the time for a professional solution to the problems the customer may face every now and then. The craftsman at Jai Plumbing isseniors technicians who are backed with the firm and promising experience of more than 3 decades working in the same industry. Apart from that providing customers with insurances and restoration for the same is something that provides the company with a competitive edge over the others